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Wii games for 2008: Animal Crossing and Star Fox

Hi Wii fans, this is a pair of nuggets that I have for you. EDGE Magazine published an article about the upcoming Animal Crossing for Wii, and they wrote that this one is going to be an MMO. Well, that’s truth. This game is being created as one of the premier Wii Online experiences and it’s definitely an MMO. Worried about the lack of hard drive on Wii? Don’t be. Somebody is telling me that a Wii + Hard Drive is indeed planed to appear when the release of this title is ready (Q4 2008). Also, people can still use SD cards to save their data (A 2GB SD Card is going to be packed with this Animal Crossing, you can count on that).

Other game that’s going to show sometime in late 2008 or early 2009 is the new Star Fox. My Ninja spy told me that the new Fox McCloud adventure is being developed by a Nintendo second-party developer, and it’s going to be very similar to the N64 classic (no more crappy on-foot missions like Assault). Information about this game is going to appear very early the next year, and a lot of people would be impressed and would restore their faith about this franchise, because this latest entry is getting a lot of attention from Nintendo.


22 Responses to “Wii games for 2008: Animal Crossing and Star Fox”

  1. who is developing that Star fox game?

  2. I’d guess Retro Studios…they are working on new titles, and look at what they did to revitalize the Metroid series.

  3. “Somebody” is telling you there will be a Wii+HD released? I hope it is true but we need more than that if we are to believe it. Also, does that mean we will all have to get new Wiis that have hard rives in them or will this be some sort of external device?

  4. Note to jim, Retro studios hasn’t been 2nd party since 2001. They are 100% owned by Nintendo. i.e. they are first party. So according to this post they wouldn’t be developing the next Star fox. It would be awesome though. I love the Metroid Prime series.

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  6. when is animal crossing for wii will be released?

  7. thats awsome but we need more solid evidence im afraid,but itll be grate if its true plus i think nintendo will just do a systim update for animal crossing…plus if they set a limit for 60 players on screen at a time itll work no hd needed just do what they did in moh:heros 2 and we’ll be fine

  8. if you search wii related news for the future there is alot of talk for adding additional memory for the wii besides the SD card…

    and a ll birdy told me star fox is coming out along with a new series of metroid 😉

    you dont need to believe me but just wait n see…no longer prime

  9. well i hope starfox is impressive , the series could have had some work (alot actually)

  10. hmm I guess there will be showing that starfox…at E3 along with Animal Crossing because thats already set to be release for japan in the holiday season!

  11. i hope they forget star fox command that was rubbish with a rubbish story line
    and i like the star fx ground missions

  12. @frmad on november 16 for USA

  13. but i LIKED the on-foot missions in assault! 😛
    …well ok i mostly liked it in multiplayer but still i thought the sniping and jumping in and out of arwings and landmasters and such was what made the game cool! DONT LET THEM GET RID OF IT! D:

  14. hey people i also think starfox command was a bit of a stretch and assault was fun as heck. Im in the process of deciding if i should get a PS3 or Wii because i dont have a next gen system, but if this game comes out for the Wii then that will push me over to nintendo, P.S.-i have a nintndo 64, gamecube, PS2, and DS already

  15. We’ve been waiting too long for Star Fox Wii. I earnestly hope that Nintendo announces that they’ve been working on it soon.

  16. i think that it will come out on wii

  17. I think they should keep foot missions out of the campaign, to keep the fans of the old game happy. But there should be more than one multiplayer playlist. One for Arwings, one for Landmaster, one for foit, one mixed, and (this may be pushing it…) one for Bluemarine. Also, has anyone heard anything about a Kirby game for the Wii?
    P.S. Nintendo rules! Im typing this with the Internet Channel on my Wii : D

  18. Ok bullshit it’s late 2009 so wheres the game bro?

  19. Starfox Adventures was by far the best game of the starfox series!

  20. I don’t want just in the arwing on the time gosh you people are messed up!
    On foot missions are cool and Assault was’nt that bad,It was just to short.

    I love how Fox gets nervouse around Krystal 🙂
    During the cut scenes of Adventures and Assault.

    Im so glad that commands storylines are not cannon!

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